Front line veterans provide more significant information than armchair experts.  This book – part memoir, part Bible study, part training guide – has been written by a pastor who has revitalized churches and continues to do it today.  While church planting is important, re-visioning existing congregations and leading them to a renewed future is also vital for kingdom growth.  Read this book for motivation and information on how to do this important work!
– Dr. Jeff Iorg, President, Gateway Seminary

Other than the Lord Himself, is anyone really an expert on Church Revitalization? From the days of Lyle Schaller to present day conferences extolling the path to revitalization, Pastors and Church Leaders are in desperate need of resources to gain perspective in dealing with the issues their church is facing as it relates to the loss of life, purpose, and direction. Where does a Pastor go for real time help in dealing with the issue/s of Church Revitalization? Dr. Jerry Lanford has sought to deliver such a tool for searching Pastors. The one thing that separates his work from that of so many books in the field is that he is writing from the perspective of the “on the ground” Pastoral Church revitalizer. He comes to this study from the perspective of having done the work of a Church revitalizer in a number of local churches. “My church is different” is the heart cry of every Pastor who is faced with the daunting task of revitalizing their local church.  Dr. Lanford knows this very well. Each place he served offered up a new and different menu of Church Revitalization challenges. He faced each challenge with courage and faith. I recommend this book for its Pastoral perspective from one who been down the Church Revitalization road many times.
– Dr. Randy L. Bennett, Director of Missions, Kern County Southern Baptist Association

New church plants are important to keep up with a growing population. However, given the current number of churches experiencing a plateau or a decline in their attendance, it is equally important to have a strategy for revitalization. This book provides insights into evaluating a churches status and developing a plan for infusing a rebirth for churches that are stagnate.
– Pastor Rodney Cox