About Church Forward

The Church needs to be revitalized like never before.  Too many congregations are stagnant and simply existing from week to week.  People’s lives–and eternities–are in the balance.  As author Jerry Lanford notes, “The heart of revitalization is a matter of the heart.”  But it doesn’t happen automatically.  People must be willing to change–and that takes spiritual leadership.  “If you are going to participate in and/or lead a process that results in revitalization, you will need to address the matters of the heart.”

In his unique book Church Forward, Lanford notes that change has to start closer to home–our own hearts: “Your heart needs to be ready, receptive, and open to learning and leading the process of revitalization.” Only then can the revitalization process begin in earnest.  It’s not going to be easy. But when some churches are on the precipice of shutting their doors and in dire need of revitalization, it’s no wonder people need to know how to lead a revitalization movement that sweeps the church and alters the course of history in the process.

Dr. Lanford is ready to help.  Are you ready to help advance the Kingdom of God in this darkened world?

If so, this book is for you.